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The Family

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The Family:

We are a small and selective border collie kennel in the South of the Netherlands. Our border collie kennel is established in 1988.
We also have our own Border Collie Trainings Centre, where we teach Border Collie owners how to train their dogs in Obedience, Agility, Dogdance, Search & Rescue and conformation classes in group classes or individual. The founders of our kennel are Hans and Joke Smit.
In 2003 Ian Wiltshire came over to The Netherlands to live with Sabrina Smit at From Borders Home Border Collie Kennel. Sabrina and Ian hope to take over the kennel in the future. Ian and Sabrina love to handle dogs and they travel to several countries to show our own dogs and others. Also they have an interest in judging conformation of our lovely breed.
During the years we have built up our name and now you can find several dogs bred by us or in the bloodlines nearly all over the world. Dogs that we have bred are active in Obedience, Agility, Sheep herding, Flyball, Frisbee, Search and Rescue as well as in the show ring. Unfortunately Hans Smit has passed on 08-02-2014. But his thoughts and beliefs will be carried on.

Hans Smit †

Joke Smit

Ian Wiltshire

Sabrina Smit

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